Frak That! Ep. 73: ‘Mourning’

Randall Kennedy says Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave: “This Cook guy, he’s a moron. My God, he’s destroying my company—my legacy”. That for forgetting iPod’s 15th birthday on Oct. 23, 2016. Randall and Joe Wilcox mourn Apple’s appalling negligence and more!

Death of the Internet is yet something else about which to grieve, following the October 21st hack of webcams, baby cams, and other so-called Internet of Things devices that brought down major websites—Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr among them. Episode 73 is their epitaph.

Then there is the mega-merger formerly announced on October 24th. AT&T will pay $84.5 billion to buy Time Warner. Joe is not sure for which company to mourn. AOL bought Time Warner during the dot-com boom and went bust, but the media conglomerate survived.

But that coming death is eclipsed by another real and present. A University of Maine professor conducting research in Antarctica, drove his snowmobile down a 100-foot crevice. Randall is convinced the prof drove “as fast as he can” because “he finally came across the crucial data that proved that global warming is a farce—and he has to get away from the other scientists who are towing the party line. They’re trying to kill him. ‘You cannot be allowed to escape with this information!’”

The podcast wouldn’t be topically themed without mourning the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, by which every measure of the news media is over. ‘Trump has a zero chance of winning”, Joe refers to a Washington Post story. Oh does Randall have something to about THAT.

Grieving wouldn’t be complete without sad discussion of what might have been. Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he would run for president if allowed. Joe has a solution, taking a cue from Barack Obama. “It’s suddenly revealed. He was adopted. He didn’t know he was adopted, and it turns out that he was actually born in the United States—and here’s evidence to show it’s true. It’s a PDF file”.

Photo Credit: Joe Wilcox