Frak That! Ep. 78: ‘Spirit Cooking’

Randall Kennedy is like a dog with a bone rambling on, and on, and on about Spirit Cooking, which set social media afire Nov. 3-4, 2016. He can’t resist anything that makes the Clinton camp a—borrowing from Ms. Hillary—“basket of deplorables”. Joe Wilcox isn’t convinced about alleged Satan worship and concoctions made of stuff Randall wouldn’t reveal on air (dare we say semen and blood). Episode 78 is nuts!

Referring to the Clinton camp, “I can’t help wonder if we’re gonna stumble into one of their inner meetings and they’re all standing around with a goat’s head chanting, or something like that—in dark robes”, Randall says. 

Both men take another whack at Obamacare, with Randall asserting that “it was destined to fail, from Day 1”—and intentionally, so that the United States would be compelled to move to a single-payer system. “It gets so miserable, that people cry out for socialized medicine”.

Joe confirms: “So what you’re saying is: We’re gonna go from a fat tax to a fat health-care system for our fat people sitting on their fat asses—getting sick”. Randall replies: “It’s fatness cubed”.

As usual, topics bounce around. Among them: Which Sarah Connor was the best portrayed in the “Terminator” franchise; the absurdity of NBC show “Timeless”; which American is the most over-hyped; why the Cubs World Series is bad for Chicago and decades of “shared misery”; and Echosexuals.

Photo Credit: Valerie Everett