Frak That! Ep. 85: ‘True or False’

For Episode 85, Joe Wilcox presents Randall Kennedy with the Frak That! equivalent of “Truth or Dare”—meaning: Nothing daring for being wrong. Joe asks his cohost to guess whether popular myths found on urban legend-busting site Snopes are false or not. Like:

  • Woman increased her IQ to 220 by drinking sperm for a year.
  • Doctor strangled a baby born alive during an abortion (and prosecuted for it).
  • Actress Betty White quote says don’t “grow some balls” but a vagina instead.
  • KFC stopped using Kentucky Fried Chicken because of the unhealthy connotations associated with “fried”.

Other topics include: Strange ways the U.S. government spends your tax dollars, like counting sea ducks; time travel and the problem of disease; Randall’s squishy snail problem; strange animals Danish researchers want you to eat; river rats and Putin burgers; the Florida dog found in New Jersey (three years later); and Admiral Ackbar soap.

Photo Credit: Lea Besson