Frak That! Ep. 88: ‘Kiss-of-Death Casting’

Randall Kennedy gets serious in Episode 88 by discussing “a very disturbing trend for me”. He tells Joe Wilcox: “Kiss-of-death casting”—an actor or actress “who is notorious for being part of a series, and it being doomed”. He also observes that this victim series also tends to have a “loyal fanbase”. Randall uses as example: Summer Glau, whose appearance, coincidently or not, on several procedurals preceded their demise.

“Firefly” is first among them, and Randall is rather stunned that Joe has not ever seen the show. “Do yourself a favor” and watch the first episode, Randall says. “It’s one of the best scifi series ever produced”.

“Hold on”, Joe interrupts. “So as a friendly gesture, you’re telling me that I should watch something that’s really good—that’s going to frustrate the frak out of me because it’s over too soon?” (Randall laughs.) “That’s your idea of friendship?” 

Randall ticks off a list of projects that failed after Summer Glau joined the cast or even appeared as guest star before presenting another series killer: Jordana Brewster. He uses example “Chuck”—“It only took her five episodes there, back in 2009”. The “Dallas” relaunch is another of her massacres, but Randall’s big concern is freshman buddy-cop show “Lethal Weapon”.

The two podcasters also discuss series where they’d like to see some kiss-of-death casting. Joe wants some KoD action for “Hawaii Five-O” and “Scandal”.

Keeping to the “kiss-of-death” theme, Joe raises concept “French endings”—the idea being that while American films often come to happy conclusion, France produces movies more likely to bring grim fortunes to the main characters. He and Randall discuss some possible French endings for several Hollywood hits.

The topics run far and wide, as usual. Among the others: The United States of Russia; Polar Penis; has-been actors desperate for attention; Star Wars Rogue One; fat-shaming Santa; and more!

Photo Credit: Joe Wilcox