Frak That! Ep. 91: ‘Political Resolutions’

After a long Holiday break, in Episode 91, Randall Kennedy and Joe Wilcox begin the new year by suggesting what resolutions politicians should make for 2017. Joe says that the outgoing president, Barack Obama, should shut his yap and stop acting like a “spoiled brat”. Democrats lost the election, and Obama should stop behaving like the kid carrying his ball from the playground in a tantrum. President-elect Donald Trump must be allowed to fail or succeed without interference. Obama “should just stay the frak out” of the way.

Randall disagrees. Obama has pledged to stick around Washington, D.C., where he should, “please, continue to open your mouth. Be obnoxious. You’re just harming your party’s brand permanently, and I’m perfectly happy with that”. 

Randall is “sick” of Obama saying he could have beaten Trump if allowed to seek a third term. “People weren’t voting against Hillary, they were voting against the entire eight years of the Obama Administration”, he asserts. “They’re not going to reelect this guy…It’s sour grapes. It’s whiny. It’s pathetic. It’s beneath the Office of the President”.

Joe asks Randall: “Have you got a resolution for Trump as he takes Office?” Response is quick: “Absolutely, under no circumstances, do you stop tweeting! Tweet away, My Friend”. Joe agrees.

The two also banter about claims Russia hacked the election; Obama booting 35 diplomats in retaliation; and Vladimir Putin’s “taking-the-high-road” response. Joe can’t resist: Suspecting Obama and staff might leave behind surprises in the White House, he asks if Trump, before taking up residence, “should hire some of Putin’s gang to go through and check for the bobby traps”. After all, the Russians are supposed security sleuths and hackers.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey