Well, Frak Us!

Phew. Doesn’t this suck rotten tomatoes. One of those ripe, juicy-looking ones that fills your mouth with saliva. You pull it to your mouth in anticipation of something sweet, then spit out something so putrid, you wrench and puke up your spicy Chinese lunch. Oh, it burns coming up.

That’s how we’re feeling today after our webhost toasted our supposedly safe VPS server. Hey, we paid more for SSD storage because it was supposed to serve up delicious pages fast and be less susceptible to hard disk rot. But here we are, following the outage of Sept. 22, 2016, doing a reset.

In rotten tomatoes comes opportunity. We were thinking to make over Frak That! anyways and archive the older posts, which were nothing more than collections of our tweets. Mixing metaphors, we’ve got amnesia and can’t remember the past. We’re starting fresh, like a baby born adult.

Hallelujah, Praise be God of the Internet—whom we know these days to be Vladimir Putin. Just ask the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton, who accuse Donald Trump of knelling before the Russian President’s altar and asking his blessing of the U.S. Presidency.

Mmm, thinking of the Lord, maybe we don’t have amnesia. My God, Shirley McLane was right. Frak That! is reincarnated. Someone hit that great big redo button on the server, and we were reborn.

But labor is a painful process. So watch our rebirth to unfold over a few weeks. If it takes too long for you, and surely it will for us, then Frak That!

Photo Credit: Laura Lewis