Frak That! Ep. 93: ‘Artificial Stupidity’

Randall Kennedy and Joe Wilcox talk about digital assistant/artificial intelligence mayhem during Episode 93. They begin with a Twitch stream featuring two Google Home devices asking each other stupid questions—and answering them. Randall laughs: “It’s like two Millennials fighting over the friggin’ remote”, referring to the incoherent but continuous banter between the devices.

That leads into a disturbing discussion about the Amazon Alexa digital assistant. A few days earlier, there was a news story about a six year-old accidentally ordering a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies from Amazon when asking Alexa about them. But the saga doesn’t end there. “The news cast playing on the TV in other peoples’ homes who also had the Alexa—the Alexa heard the same language…and their Alexas start trying to order the dollhouse”, Randall explains. “It’s like this chain reaction”.  Frak That! Ep. 93: ‘Artificial Stupidity’

Frak That! Ep. 84: ‘Cyber Monday’

To, ah, commemorate Cyber Monday, Randall Kennedy and Joe Wilcox discuss some of the exciting deals available from Amazon. “Of course I would be shopping for this on Cyber Monday—surely you would be as well”, Joe says about Super Colon Cleanse Supplement!

“Feel the movement! Feel the movement!” Randall interjects. “I feel 10 pounds lighter, Joe. It’s amazing”. “Is that the gift you give grandpa when ties or underwear or Depend—depending on the age—isn’t enough?” Joe asks.

We can’t give greater Episode 84 synopsis without spoiling the surprises, other than Joe observing that the one day isn’t good enough for Amazon, which celebrates “Cyber Monday Deals Week!”  Frak That! Ep. 84: ‘Cyber Monday’