Frak That! Ep. 92: ‘CES 2017’

On the eve of Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Randall Kennedy and Joe Wilcox discuss the event that Joe likens to a room of 10,000 screaming kids, each trying to out-yell the other for attention. That’s the media mayhem that has kept him away from the annual tech pilgrimage in Las Vegas since 2008. “You couldn’t drag me there for any amount of money”, he says early in Episode 92.

Among their CES topics: Acer’s $9,000 laptop; the perfect Chromebook for over-weight hoarders; VR porn; drones dropping dead (from short battery life); fido trackers; BlackBerry’s last life; and the great Google privacy scam (you got none).  Frak That! Ep. 92: ‘CES 2017’

Frak That! Ep. 75: ‘Cocktober Surprise’

Joe Wilcox is rather stunned by the number of hashtag/meme-worthy phrases that Randall Kennedy uses to describe Hillary Clinton’s renewed email scandal: Cocktober Surprise, DickiLeaks, SchlongerTogether, and StrokingGun, among others. Randall is giddy that the FBI’s publicly-disclosed, renewed investigation is so potentially good for his man Trump.

Prepared for a long diatribe, Joe purposely starts Episode 75 by discussing other things: “I’m holding back my cohost Randall Kennedy, who is like a rabid dog waiting to rip into political topics today…We’re going to hold him back, so he gets angrier, more ferocious, so that when the attack comes later in the podcast, it will be devastating”. The political discussion begins at 15:00.  Frak That! Ep. 75: ‘Cocktober Surprise’