Frak That! Ep. 86: ‘Good and Evil’

Mauritius is “an island where people love to go to die”, Randall Kennedy tells Joe Wilcox, who is taken aback by concept “suicide tourism”. Randall is an American expat living in the country located about 700 miles off the coast of Madagascar. During Episode 86, he describes new trend “tourists who come here for the explicit purpose of ending their lives in paradise”. It’s mainly a European-resident thing, among people who visited the island, returned to their dark, gloomy countries, and were depressed by the contrast. They come back to Mauritius to never leave—alive. “It’s frustrating, because the hotels have to deal with the bodies!” Randall extols. For the staff, it’s “‘not another stiff who stiffed us on the bill!’”

Speaking of going to paradise to die, the podcasters spend time discussing the season finale of HBO’s “Westworld”. For Joe, Dr. Robert Ford’s exit is inconsistent with his being God over the robots. “He’d rather die than lose control of this thing”, Randall rebuts, calling the move a “big middle finger to the board of directors”.  Frak That! Ep. 86: ‘Good and Evil’