Frak That! Ep. 71: ‘It’s About Time’

Joe Wilcox presents Randall Kennedy with a poser: Would you go back in time and kill baby Hitler? He offers thoughtful answer about the unintended consequences and what they could be. “World War II never happens. Then maybe the atomic bomb is never invented. Maybe nuclear power is never created, or it’s created by the Brits, or a different Germany, or the Russians do it and they dominate the world…Israel probably never would have been formed as a nation…You pull one thread, and you unravel so many others”.

Joe’s take is simpler: “You can’t go back in time to kill baby Hitler, because if he never existed you wouldn’t go back to kill him”.

Time is a unifying theme in Episode 71, whether or not traveling through it. Joe talks about time and money wasted by terrorists buying Galaxy Note 7 to use as “weapons of mass destruction”. What he calls the “ISIS Crisis” now that the potentially exploding phones are banned by major airlines. 

With Halloween nearly here, it’s time for the spooky ball hosted by New York City Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion, where Randall would like to see—keeping with current events—“The Hillary Clinton Crooked Hall of Lies” and “The Donald Trump Heavy Petting Zoo for the children”.

As it’s almost time for the election, Joe suggests Halloween will be extra long this year—“a frightening outcome no matter who becomes President”. Randall snarks: “We’ve got the Peeping Tom Sneaky Groper, and we’ve got the Wicked Witch of DC on her broom”.

That’s just a taste of a few topics, delivered just in time to liven your work week.

Photo Credit: Ken Lecomte