Frak That! Ep. 75: ‘Cocktober Surprise’

Joe Wilcox is rather stunned by the number of hashtag/meme-worthy phrases that Randall Kennedy uses to describe Hillary Clinton’s renewed email scandal: Cocktober Surprise, DickiLeaks, SchlongerTogether, and StrokingGun, among others. Randall is giddy that the FBI’s publicly-disclosed, renewed investigation is so potentially good for his man Trump.

Prepared for a long diatribe, Joe purposely starts Episode 75 by discussing other things: “I’m holding back my cohost Randall Kennedy, who is like a rabid dog waiting to rip into political topics today…We’re going to hold him back, so he gets angrier, more ferocious, so that when the attack comes later in the podcast, it will be devastating”. The political discussion begins at 15:00. 

The lead-in topics are non-political animals, like the feral cat shortage in Chicago. The usually unwanted beasts are in dramatic demand because of rat infestations. Randall interrupts: “All the dogs in the pound are going, ‘Crap, Man, I can do better than that. Take me home! I’m cute. I won’t look at you with a condescending glance. I’ll be friendly. I won’t constantly look down on you’”.

Other animal topics include: The Internet destroying one woman for writing a negative Yelp review criticizing a Bodega cat; Joe’s neighborhood tortoise, Morla; Flo the cat, who took a 70-mile ride clinging to the top of a van; and the 2020 mass-animal-extinction, which list omits the species Presidential Candidate.

Joe and Randall also prattle about Designated Survivor, Monty Python, and Westworld; exploding FedEx plane mystery; ISIS drone warfare, and much more.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey